Wealth of Information

Pig Bank in HandsOne of our main objectives as a company is to help you to remain informed regarding wealth management. Two caveats to this however are:

1. We assume you have some level of understanding regarding basic money management (e.g., budgeting, controlling debt leverage, the need to plan, etc.) If you don’t we can direct you to unbiased resources to assist with this. Attached find links to the National Endowment for Financial Education. They are geared toward high school aged persons, but can be helpful to anyone needing basic financial education. Understand Budgeting, Savings & Investing, Managing Credit, and Insurance. Start in section III if you like.

2. We don’t expect that you want to learn everything about professional wealth management (As to be a working professional in the field.) Statistical analysis on four factor regression models aren’t fun to everyone. However, we believe you need a basic level of understanding to make informed decisions. That is what we wish to provide you with here.

Alphabet SoupHow do I know what all those initials mean? Here we help you understand the “alphabet soup” behind a financial professionals name.

Young N Old Man HandshakeWhat should I ask a financial professional I am considering? Here we hope to direct you in key questions to ask any “so called” financial professional to determine if they are really a “true” financial professional.

Boy in Suit w PaperDo I really need a financial professional? In this section we explore some questions you need to ask yourself!

Missing Puzzle PieceHow can I tell if the advisor is unbiased? Learn the determinents of who an advisor really works for.

DollarSignIs how my advisor is paid really important? Learn how the type of compensation an advisor recieves can effect the quality of advice.

Gold BullionWhat are the most important factors to the growth of my wealth? Understand what it means to be truely diversified as well as how to evaluate portfolio costs.

Fingertip ClimberMy advisor talks about how important it is to manage risk, but then we never talk about how it was managed! How do I REALLY manage risk? To manage risk you have to understand the kinds and measure them. Learn how to do both!

Dice and PaperWhat is an active verses a passive investment strategy? In this critical section we evaluate the truth behind the industry and how stock picking, market timing, and track record investing make the industry money and keep you coming back for more.

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